Introducing ViolationMagix!
What is ViolationMagix?

A Violations Management solution that follows all state requirements.

Why Should You Use ViolationMagix?

1) Easy to use
2) Saves time and money
3) Manages All Violations
4) Complies with State Laws
5) Customizable

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Finally a Violations Management Solution

For All HOA and COA Communities
Easy To Use!
Stand-Alone or Cloud Based
Fully Adaptable to All Community Rules & Regulations
Saves Time and Money
Replaces Spreadsheet & Word based Piecemeal Systems
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How ViolationMagix came about?

Managing Violations can be a heavy administrative burden whether you have 10 units or 5000 units to manage.

Implementing ViolationMagix into your administrative daily routine is simple and cost effective.

The system is designed by a Property Manager that saw violations being handled by using spreadsheets and word processor systems was eating up 35% of his administrators day.  Making sure violations were being handled that complied with state law was also a burden.  Some violations were falling though the cracks and the Board was not happy about the ways the violations were being handled.

Hence, ViolationMagix was born!

Adding ViolationMagix to your community

The first decision you make is to implement a stand-alone or cloud based version of ViolationMagix.

In either case, the setup of the system is the same.  You can add residents one at a time as they commit violations or add them all at once.

Adding your rules and regulations is straight forward and also can be done one at a time or via a batch load.

If you enforce traffic violations such as parking or speeding can also as simple as adding the rules.

Easy implementation is a hallmark of ViolationMagix.

What are the Benefits of ViolationMagix?

ViolationMagix runs on Windows and Apple based computers.

Easy to implement and add to your administrative routine.  I can guarantee the Administrative staff will adore this system and they will welcome getting away from their spreadsheet and word processing based system.

Cloud based ViolationMagix makes it easy to administer your community violations from any internet based computer.  Also, as easy you can have the stand-a;one version on your administrator’s computer.

Speed, accuracy, state rule compliance and management reports for both managerial and board members satisfies all needs.

How much does ViolationMagix Cost?

The stand-alone system is priced at $495.00 and the Cloud based version is $34.95 a month.

No contract is required for the cloud based version.

Maintenance for updates on the stand-alone version is an optional additional $90.00 per year.

Need help in implementing?  You will receive 5 man hours of professional assistance at no additional charge.  Additional hours are at $75/ hour.

How do I purchase ViolationMagix?

Either call us at 772-204-5865 or use the “Buy Now” tab to use our purchase form and pay conveniently with our PAYPAL gateway.

You have a 30 day money back no questions asked return window if you are not fully delighted with ViolationMagix.

Live demonstrations are available!

Email or call John at 772-204-5865 at Systems Design Wizards, Inc. today.